How to transfer iPhone applications to another iPhone

by Ryan Mercado ; Updated 5, 2019
How to transfer iPhone applications to another iPhone

This question has been asked by all iPhone users ever: “How do I copy this iPhone application that I just paid to my wife’s iPhone, or son or brother so they can also use it?”Is this possible to do!The process also serves to copy any iTune certificate to another computer.You will have to copy the application from your Iphone to iTunes and then to the other iPhone.

Step 1

Open iTunes on your computer that you will use to keep the other iPhone.

Note: Make sure you are using the iTunes that belongs to the other person’s phone.If you synchronize your phone from your iTunes, you could ruin the phones.

Step 2

Authorize iTunes to use your account information (different from the account that is currently on your computer).This can be done on up to five computers separately.Go to “Store> Authorize Computer.”

Step 3

Enter the credentials of your iTunes account and click “Authorize”.If you have authorized several computers, it will notify you and you will have to release one by going to a copy of iTunes that you have already authorized and choosing “Store> Deauthorize Computer.”

Step 4

Connect the iPhone that has the certified application or file that you want to transfer to iTunes (on your phone).Connect the cable from your iPhone to the computer;It should be seen in iTunes.

Step 5

Right click on the iPhone icon in iTunes and choose “Transfer Purchases.”Once the iPhone is connected, you can ask for an update and reset or rewind.Do not allow any of these actions.

Step 6

Your iPhone will display the message “Sync in Progress,” and you will see how the files are copied into the iTunes window.This process can take a long time, depending on how many purchases you have there.

Step 7

It ejects the iTunes iPhone when the transfer is finished.

Step 8

Connect the iPhone that will receive the applications to the computer.It should appear in iTunes.

Step 9

Go to the applications tab on the iPhone.You will see the applications that you transferred from another iPhone there.Choose the ones you want and when you’re ready click on “Sync” at the bottom.The applications will be transferred to this iPhone and that will be it.