How to find a person’s Gmail address

by Zoey Cunningham ; Updated 2, 2019
How to find a person’s Gmail address

Gmail is a free email service offered by Google.The Beta version, which was only available by invitation, was introduced to the market in 2004 and Gmail was released to the public in 2007. Since August 2009 there are 150 million users of this service worldwide, which means that there are good chances that someone you know has a Gmail address.There are some simple ways to find a person’s address.

Use a form of communication you already know, such as a phone number, alternate email address, or regular mail, to stay in touch with the person and ask if they have a Gmail address.This is, by far, the easiest way to obtain such information.Not only is it polite to ask, but it can also serve as an alert for the person in question that he will receive an important email.

Search your name using a search engine such as Google or Bing.If you have a profile on a social network, a blog or a website, you may be able to locate it using a search engine.Depending on your privacy settings, your full profile or blog may not be visible or your email address may not appear.

Use a dedicated web service to find public information.Email Finder or Spokeo are two examples of websites that can locate Gmail addresses based on a first and last name, city, state or other information.Websites like MyLife or Intelius have a greater reach, looking for more than just email addresses, but they can also work.

Find your address within your own Gmail account.Maybe the person in question has sent you an email in the past, but you have not added it to your Gmail contact list.It is also possible otherwise, you may have sent a message but forgot to add your Gmail address.


Ask any acquaintance or associate they have in common if they can provide you with the person’s Gmail address.