How to create cleaning budget forms

by Zoey Cunningham ; Updated 5, 2019
How to create cleaning budget forms

To introduce yourself as a professional cleaning company, you should create a standard budget sheet to use in the business.The form should include a detailed account of the items to be cleaned, a price list and contact information for your company.This will give customers a clear understanding of the charges and what is included with your service.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word or Excel to create your form.

Step 2

Visit the Microsoft templates website.Click on “More Categories” below the “Explore Templates” section.

Step 3

Select the category “Budgets” or “Invoices”.Both will work for the purpose of putting together a budget form for your cleaning business.

Step 4

Explore the many forms options that can be used as budget forms for your cleaning business.The sample information on the form you choose does not have to specifically say “cleaning service” or have the exact fields you need.You can change these fields later.

Step 5

Take note of the specific program and version that is compatible with the form you want to use to make sure you have the program installed on your computer.


Step 6

Click on the template you want and then select “Download.”Save the template (a compressed .cab file) in a folder that you can easily find.

Step 7

Extract the compressed file to the folder where you keep your cleaning business information (See “References” for more details).Double click on the template and it will open in your program.

Step 8

Change the logo, trade name, address, phone number, email, website address and replace them with your own.

Step 9

Include a list of all your most common cleaning services.Leave a space between each entry so you can write additional details related to the job.Leave some empty spaces at the end in case the client is requesting a special work that is not included in the list.

Step 10

Add your slogan or other special message you want to communicate to your customers, about yourself or your business, at the bottom of your form.

Step 11

Convert your Word or Excel file to PDF format to make sure that words and fields print just as you see them on the screen.Use, if you do not have Adobe Acrobat.

Step 12

Print the carbon paper form in duplicate or triplicate.You can print it in a home office or send your personalized template to a professional printing company.

Step 13

Have copies of the form handy and complete them in the presence of the client.Give the client the original and save the copy.